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About Us

ESHO Jewelry by Dominic… Elevating your Style and Confidence

I Design and Handcraft Cosmopolitan, Deluxe and Unique one of a kind Statement Necklaces, Earrings, Brooches, Pendants for the Classy, Stylish, Premium, Trendy, fashion forward, Elegant, Bold  and contemporary woman. I want every woman that wears my jewelry to feel empowered, confident, respected, have bragging rights about their sense of style and most importantly make you look and feel absolutely beautiful like a Queen that you are without having to sacrifice your style for irritations associated with metal accessories.

Each Jewelry Is carefully and artfully handcrafted from scratch using the finest of materials sourced from all over the world, using techniques such as bead embroidery, bead weaving and bead stringing, I create exotic designs one tiny bead at a time using such as freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, French sequins, semi-precious gemstones (amethyst, garnet, labradorite, natural quartz, serpentine etc), Japanese seed beads and bring all these components together to design that Sparkly, Edgy, Classy, princess Queen look you desire and any specific style you might envisioned through my custom-made/commissioned designs.

My name is Oluwabunmi Dominic; I am the owner and Creative Director of ESHO Jewelry by Dominic. I have a Bachelors and Master’s degree in Biochemistry and I have unrepentant love for anything sparkling (my colleagues nicknamed me bling bling), unfortunately I used to have bad reaction to gold accessories so in an attempt to salvage my love for Jewelry I decided to enroll in a crash course on beaded Jewelry design (during my master’s degree, that’s how bad I wanted to make my own Jewelry to satisfy my Bling urge lol). My designs were so unique and beautiful and were loved by my friends, colleagues and family (my first major design was my sister’s Jewelry for her wedding and she loved it). I couldn’t be selfish enough to keep it to myself and here I am sharing my unrepentant love for jewelry with YOU, yes YOU!!! my ESHO woman.

Please join my community of Jewelry addicts and let’s be unrepentant together (winks).  Sign up to my mailing list for awesome fashion tips and tricks, giveaways, sneak peek to  behind the scene moments and exclusive access to new collections before they hit the website.